Stay Safe Dining

Our top priority is protecting our families and we can’t do that without the help of our staff and our guests. 

our plan

Social Distancing:

All parties are seated at least six feet away from each other. Our dining room and bar area is spacious and we have limited our capacity for safety.

We will continue to manage capacity based on the City of Portland.

Our staff practice social distancing in all areas of the restaurant, arriving at staggered times. All of our staff has committed to practicing social distancing and the use of PPE outside of the restaurant for your safety.

Our team:

Our entire team is required to wear face masks at all times and to wash and sanitize their hands frequently. Daily temperature checks will be required

When you attend:

Guests must wear masks at any point while standing. Do not approach anyone on our team without a mask. Hand sanitizer, additional masks, and gloves will be provided for guests. If guests exhibit any signs of illness, they will be asked to reschedule their reservation. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

Broken Arrow loves to clean. We clean constantly and obsessively. We follow allergen safety protocols all throughout the kitchen and throughout preparation. This requires us to clean and sanitize after each task and treat each space to prevent any cross contamination. Tables will only be utilized twice in an evening and times have been blocked off to completely sanitize each table and chair between reservations. Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Each night after service, the restaurant goes through a step-by-step cleaning and sanitizing process. 

Food Safety Training

The owners and management are expertly trained in food safety including:

HACCP Certificates

Food Safety Manager Certificates

PCQI Certificates

BASSET Certified

Our Team

All our team members have been trained in proper sanitation procedures and those specific to the prevention of COVID 19

Staff members are required to have their temperature taken and answer a health screening checklist.

Employees who arrive to work feeling ill or showing signs of illness are sent home. In order to return to work, they need to abide by the CDC’s Return to Work Criteria.

No outside deliveries are received inside the restaurant. All deliveries are left outside and products brought in by employees. 

Nobody enters the restaurant unless they have been previously identified by our team or with a reservation and contact tracing information has been obtained. 

If you find any of this foolish or unreasonable, feel free to visit at a later date.